Westone and TechShowcase Announce “Silent Band” Concert and Earphone Demo at JFK’s JetBlue Terminal 5


Colorado Springs, CO and New York, NY– July 16, 2014 – Westone, the leader in high performance earphones for audiophiles and on-stage musicians, announced today that rock and funk band The JDS will perform live “silent concerts” on July 24 and July 25 in JetBlue’s Terminal 5 on the bandstand near TechShowcase. This event marks the first-ever performance of its kind open to the public. Travelers will hear the band when they “plug-in” with a pair of award-winning W40 earphones at one of 10 Westone listening stations.

In combination with the silent band concerts, Westone will debut its revolutionary new SR1 Sports and Recreation custom earphones at JFK during this event. The shock-resistant, custom-fit SR1 is based on the same patented design worn by U.S. Air Force fighter pilots. The SR1 offers unmatched noise isolation, moisture resilience and secure fit. Travelers, music lovers and sports enthusiasts will appreciate the combination of Westone’s signature sound with the best-fitting earphones imaginable. JFK travelers in JetBlue’s T5 who are interested in purchasing one of the very first SR1 earphones will receive custom in-ear impressions at no charge. In a unique, unprecedented offering, customers who purchase the SR1 at TechShowcase will also receive universal silicone ear tips so they may enjoy the renowned Westone sound of their SR1 immediately. Within a week the customer will receive the custom ear-tips, handcrafted by a team of technicians at Westone’s revered labs in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Westone ES60 custom earphones, designed for musicians and also highly-esteemed by audiophiles, will also be available for special order during the two-day JFK event. The ES60 features six masterfully tuned balanced armature drivers (speakers) in each earpiece, providing the listener with a purity of sound that will satisfy even the most critical ear. Travelers who opt for the ES60 have a plethora of color, faceplate and art options when they utilize the Westone Customizer for their personal earpiece designs. ES earphones are the preferred in-ear monitors for many of today’s most popular artists, including Los Lobos, The Band Perry, Peter Frampton, Josh Groban and Sara Evans. Customers interested in the ES60 will also receive in-ear impressions at no charge during the event. In-ear impressions normally require a visit to an audiologist or hearing health professional at a fee of $75 – $100.

“We are thrilled to partner with JetBlue and APW Brands/TechShowcase to launch the first truly custom earphone for the retail market,” said Jason Lockwood, President and CEO, Westone Laboratories. “We are excited to finally share with the public the amazing Westone sound in the most comfortable and convenient solution we have ever developed.”

TechShowcase, adjacent to the JetBlue T5 bandstand, will have several other Westone earphones available for purchase, including the ADV Adventure Series Alpha, voted “Best Wearable Tech” by Outside Magazine, and the W40, featuring four speakers in each earpiece.

“Quality, selection and service are hallmarks of the shopping experience at TechShowcase,” said Miguel Mayorca, Chief Operating Officer of APW Brands. “Travelers can maximize their time by improving their mobile experience on the spot. What better way to spend your wait time than trying out the latest earphones on the market while listening to a live band!”

“We are always looking for ways to further enhance our customer’s travel experience,” said Brian Holtman, Manager Retail Services at JetBlue Airways. “This partnership combines travel and cutting-edge technology resulting in a truly interactive JetBlue experience.”

Press Contact for Westone:

Diane Ferraro
Westone Laboratories, Inc.
T: 719-540-9333
E: dianef@westone.com


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Westone Asia: W50 and W60 Launch at Tokyo Headphone Festival


Hank Netherton, Westone’s Director of Sales/Asia, and Jason Lockwood, our CEO, have returned from a busy two week trip abroad, meeting with Westone friends and fans and sharing the latest in-earphone news. The newest award-winning Westone universal earphones, the W60 Signature Series, received rave reviews at Tokyo Headphone Festival and store events across the region. We very much appreciate the support of our dealers and customers in Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia. And a big “thank you” to the 7,000+ who attended the show and stopped by to try out our in-earphones!

Enjoy these photos and videos from Tekwind, Soundcat, Thinking Group, Tokyo Headphone Magazine and Tokyo Headphone Festival:

Tokyo_headphone_festival_Jason_Lockwood_W50_W60_Westone Westone_W50_IEM_Tokyo_FestivalWestone_W50_Tokyo_Event_May2014


Westone UMPro50 Signature  Series Musicians' MonitorsWestone-W50-SignatureSeries IEM








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Westone Laboratories Hearing Healthcare News: New York City Has a Serious Noise Problem

Subway Noise Can Damage Your Ears - Dr. Chris Herget - Westone Laboratories Blog Post

Author: Dr. Chris Herget, Audiologist – NYC Hearing and Balance

New York City is known for a lot of things; the Empire State Building, Times Square, the New York Times, the Yankees, etc. But one element of the city has gained a reputation throughout each borough since the early 1950’s. And no, it isn’t the smell. It is subway noise.

As steel train cars break along steel tracks, they create a screeching halt at each of the 468 stops. Loud noise is the inevitable result. Located at one of the Times Square subway stops, and with a dosimeter in hand, a local news crew from AM New York and I waited just behind the designated yellow line as a train passed. As the train passed at near full speed, the dosimeter began spitting out numbers in real time. Peaking at 95 decibels, (higher than 85dB, the recommended cutoff for safe listening levels according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health), the train quickly comes to a stop, letting people on and off, on its way to its next destination. Even though most of the riders did not consciously notice the loud noise coming from the train, their ears did! Our ears cannot “turn off” or decrease the input of auditory stimuli (like our eyes can with our eyelids and light), so our ears are constantly working 24 hours a day. Because of this, noise-induced hearing loss is common when protection is not used.

After measuring several Times Square stops (each measuring between 92-100dB), the news crew and I walked over to Union Square, a popular subway terminal also known as one of the loudest. With seven train lines passing through that station at any one time, I can see (and hear) why it is considered the loudest. Just as before, I waited behind the designated safety area for a train to pass. As it did, the dB level on the dosimeter grew larger, peaking at 102dB for a solid few seconds. At this dB level, hearing damage can start in less than 10 minutes with constant exposure. Although the exposure time when listening to a train isn’t anywhere close to 10 minutes, studies have shown that many short exposures over time, even seconds, can cause permanent hearing damage.

For as long as there have been humans walking this earth, there has been noise exposure. There are only a handful of natural sounds that create noise loud enough sound to cause hearing loss, including volcanoes erupting and howler monkeys mating. Most, if not all modern noise-induced hearing loss causes stem from man made circumstances, traveling notwithstanding. If you live in New York, or any city with loud subways or traffic, your ears are being exposed to unsafe levels of noise. And the quicker you act on it (by conserving your hearing by wearing hearing protection) the better off you will be when you are older. Hearing loss does not improve and more than likely will get worse the longer you ignore it. Like wearing sun glasses to protect your eyes and vision, wearing hearing protection in a loud environment will only benefit you in the long run.

Click here to make an appointment with Dr. Chris Herget in New York City to get your hearing checked and to order custom Westone TRU Hearing Protection.

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Westone: Our Newest Custom In-Ear Monitors

Another busy and productive week at Westone Laboratories in Colorado Springs!  We’re prepping for some exciting events this summer, working on new photography and videos, and shipping our award-winning product to Earphone Solutions. (Be sure to pre-order the Westone W60 through Earphone Solutions – the exclusive U.S. provider for thirty days!)

Our master craftsmen and craftswomen in the lab have been hard at work, creating gorgeous custom in-ear monitors based on submitted designs and configurations on the Customizer. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll stop typing and allow the following images to tell the story:

Westone Custom In-Ear Monitor Pictures - Pink Ribbon Bittner_Curt_ES30_Black-white-gray swirl Eric_Bruun_ES50_SSW-Blue weave2 Jessica Greathouse_Butterfly on clear background Matthew_Goodwin_ES50 Metallic Black_Rosewood art

Go ahead and check out the Westone Customizer and create your very own unique pair of IEMs, then make an appointment with a local audiologist to get in-ear impressions. In a few weeks you’ll be the envy of your co-workers and neighbors!

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Music fans who love listening to their favorite artists with Westone in-earphones are in for an incredible offering of concerts this summer. Over the next few weeks we’ll post the top shows around the world you don’t want to miss.

Our international marketing intern Grace Podoll tracked down the Top Five European Concerts that you’ll see listed below, including a link to purchase tickets:

1) Katy Perry – Prismatic World Tour                                                                               O2 Arena – London, UK
May 27, 2014 – May 31, 2014

Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour will be a multi-faceted spectacular, utilizing a state-of-the-art stage designed by Katy herself that will provide concert-goers with a truly magical experience from every angle in the arena. This is already one of the hottest tickets of 2014, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Katy Perry London Concert Tickets

2) Imagine Dragons – Into The Night                                                                                    Open Air St. Gallen, St. Gallen,  Switzerland
June 26, 2014 – June 29, 2014

Imagine Dragons will be performing at The Open Air St. Gallen, one of the oldest outdoor festivals in Switzerland. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see your favorite band perform on stage while you relax in front of your tent. This is something that makes the Open Air St. Gallen very special, besides the unique setting in the valley of the river Sitter surrounded by trees. The Black Keys, Ellie Goulding, and The Naked and Famous will also be at this event.

Imagine Dragons/St. Gallen Concert Tickets

3) Bruno Mars – Moonshine Jungle Tour                                                                  Perry Park and Alexander Stadium – Birmingham, UK July 5, 2014       Finsbury Park – London, UK July 6, 2014                                                        

The Wireless Festival is an annual event in England that Brits in-the-know attend. Bruno Mars will be performing on July 5th and 6th. OutKast, Ellie Goulding, John Newman, Salt-N-Pepa, and Clean Bandit are just a few of the other major acts you’ll see on stage.

Bruno Mars/The Wireless Festival Tickets

4) Garth Brooks
Croke Park – Dublin, Ireland
July 25, 2014 – July 29, 2014

It’s common knowledge that the Irish love home-grown talent U2 and The Pogues, but the world was a bit surprised to hear that a whopping 5% of a country best known for Guinness and Waterford crystal will be attending one of the five Garth Brooks’s shows this summer. But country music really isn’t really a big stretch for this island with roots in farming and folk songs. After all, songs are poetry set to music, written from the heart and soul, and Garth Brooks is an artist who isn’t defined by genre.

Garth Brooks Dublin Tickets

5) Avicii – True Tour
Arena Park – Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 2, 2014

Swedish born Avicii is one of the world’s most in-demand DJ/Producers who has raised the bar with his epic live shows, so expect breathtaking production for what is set to be two unforgettable performances you won’t want to miss. Avicii will be performing with Afrojack and Knife Party at this event. Tickets for Sweden’s Tele2 Arena sold out in a record three minutes earlier this month. We recommend purchasing your tickets ASAP!

Avicii, Afrojack, Knife Party Tickets – Amsterdam

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Author: Diane Ferraro

Anyone who works in an office knows that March Madness is the reason for one of the least productive months of the year. (But who’s to say that taking a break to check brackets isn’t a healthy way to manage stress?) Westone Audio, in the spirit of bringing a little music relief to a nation that’s completely focused on college basketball, announced this week an incredible contest for country fans: March Music Madness featuring VIP tickets to see Sara Evans in concert!

In addition to the concert, the winner and guest will meet Sara, receive a pair of Westone W-Series in-earphones AND a G&L custom “W” guitar signed by Sara. Enter to win on Facebook and “Like” Sara Evans and Westone. You must be 21 or over and be a resident of the United States. The contest runs through April 17th, 2014.

In addition to the concert tickets, the G&L guitar and Westone in-earphones, the winner will get round trip airfare, hotel & meals as well as limo transportation to and from the concert venue.

Multi-platinum selling musician Sara Evans is a Westone Endorsed Artist who wears ES2 in-ear monitors and has over 1.4 million fans on Facebook. Her new album, Slow Me Down, is now available on iTunes and her concert tour begins on April 11th in Peoria, Illinois.

Westone March Music Madness - Sara Evans Sweepstakes

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Since launching the popular free video series “Tricks for Your Licks,” Juan De Hoyos has received numerous requests for a beginner’s edition of this popular series of guitar lessons.

Today’s lesson features frets and notes that compile the A major scale. Juan will have you start off with your open A string, then you’ll go to the second fret of the A string, then the fourth fret of the A string. Next hit the open D, second fret D string, fourth fret D string, first fret on the G string, then second fret G string. Finally, end with the open A.

You’ll have to watch the video to get the rest of this guitar lesson!

John “Juan” De Hoyos is a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Nashville, TN. Juan is endorsed by Westone Audio and McPherson Guitars, and is available for personal guitar lessons via Skype.

Subscribe to the Tricks for Licks YouTube channel to get updates and news from Juan.




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Westone Endorsed Artist: Drummer Johnny Rabb

Westone Audio is honored to provide the world’s leading musicians with our in-ear monitors. Today we’ll introduce you to drummer and composer Johnny Rabb.

Johnny tours with several groups, including Collective Soul, U.S.S.A., DrumJockeys, Ten Finger Orchestra and his innovative group BioDiesel. He’s performed with SheDaisy, Hank Williams III, Alain Caron, Tanya Tucker and Deana Carter. When not on the road he is in the studio drumming and composing.

Johnny has worked with Roland US and Japan Drum and Percussion Division, programming drum kits for the Roland TD-12 drum set and the TDW-20 Expansion Board. This prolific drummer also started his own namesake drumstick company and developed Drumbals and Safari cymbals, part of the Generation X line for the MEINL cymbal company.

Johnny Rabb shared the following about his Westone in-ear monitors: ‘My Westone ES5 ear monitors were my most crucial piece of gear on the Collective Soul Tour. The last 3 months I used them every show to get a perfect mix of my loops and the rest of the band. Whether I am monitoring for a clinic or performance with BioDiesel or Collective Soul, the ES5’s work perfectly every time. I perform as a full time musician in multiple settings. I really appreciate Westone for taking the time to help me with my career. I love the color options and how quickly my custom monitors were made. My Westone’s are my most important connection between me and my music.’

Johnny held the title of “WFD World’s Faster Drummer Extreme Sport Drumming” by playing 1,071 single strokes in 60 seconds. Yikes!

In addition to his Westone ear monitors,  Johnny performs with Roland V-Drums, REMO drumheads, Johnny Rabb Drumsticks, MEINL cymbals, Pro-Logix practice pads and AUDIX microphones.

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Elton John, Kanye West, Jack White, Lionel Ritchie and The Avett Brothers are just a few of the artists scheduled to play June 12-15, 2014 at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.  Over 80,000 tickets (starting at $249.50 a pop) are expected to blow out quickly when they go on sale at 12 noon EST this Saturday, February 22.

Other names on the lineup represent bluegrass, rock, alternative, R&B and hip-hop: Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Grouplove, Capital Cities, CAKE, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Sarah Jarosz, Lauryn Hill, Wiz Khalifa, Cherub, A Tribe Called Red, Hearts, Lucero and Ice Cube. Over 100 bands and musicians are listed on the Bonnaroo website.

As you figure out how you’ll score tickets between now and Saturday, check out this video from Bonnaroo artist CAKE performing I Will Survive, along with pics of Eminem, Dave Matthews and the Lumineers from past Bonnaroo shows:

eminem bonnaroo in ear monitors



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Tricks for Your Licks #3 – Free Video Guitar Lesson with Westone Artist Juan De Hoyos

Juan De Hoyos focuses on open strings with today’s free “Tricks for Your Licks” video guitar lesson. Part one features three open strings: A D G.

Part two: hammer on D string, 2nd fret (1) 4th fret (3).

Then pick, hammer on, and slide…

Once you’ve mastered these licks with Juan De Hoyos, be sure to upload your own video playing what you’ve learned to Westone’s Facebook page. And if you’re interested in private lessons this expert guitarist but can’t make it to Nashville, message Juan on Facebook or email him at johndehoyos7@gmail.com All private lessons include a one-on-one 30 minute Skype lesson and weekly correspondence tailored specifically for each student. A cool opportunity to train with a McPherson Guitars and Westone-endorsed professional artist! 






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Westone Launches HD-Quality Music App for iPhone, iTouch & iPad


Westone Sonic Max iPhone App with BBE

Music lovers rejoice. In addition to the CES 2014 award-winning Westone W60 earphones that will elevate your listening experience to a new high, there is now an app that will turn your iPhone, iTouch or iPad into an HD-quality music player. This app from Westone and Sonic Maximizer, BBE’s critically acclaimed HD audio technology, delivers the best sound to the mobile generation.

With Westone and BBE’s SonicMax Pro, there are no gimmicks. Unlike other apps, there’s no special equipment to plug in. No additional downloads to buy. No limits to your listening enjoyment. Westone’s app will even let you adjust our presets to match your own personal taste and music, as well as customize your own.

Westone app is the must-have app for every musician and music fanatic. If you love music and love our headphones then you should prepare to fall in love all over again.

Download this new Westone Audio app and take your music to a new level.


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New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2014: Look for Westone In-Ear Monitors on Robin Thicke, Enrique Iglesias & The Fray

Robin Thicke, Rockin' New Year's Eve, Westone In-Ear Monitors

The employees here at Westone’s headquarters in Colorado Springs might be skipping the parties and instead opt to stay home and watch ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ with Ryan Seacrest tonight. It’s not that we’re all a bunch of duds who want a good night’s sleep so we can get up early to watch the Rose Parade. No, we are all jazzed that tonight’s featured performers at the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration in New York City are uber-talented and popular musicians who wear Westone in-ear monitors.

Be sure to watch or DVR tonight’s show on your local ABC station and look for Westone in-ear monitors on Robin Thicke (surely he’ll sing the huge 2013 anthem “Blurred Lines”), Enrique Iglesias, and The Fray.

Happy New Year from everyone at Westone!

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What Do Musicians Have in Their Ears?

Westone Artist Christina-Aguilera-Pitbull-Performing-Feel-This-Moment-wearing in ear monitors

Author: Diane Ferraro

If you’ve been to a live concert or are a fan of The Voice, American Idol or X Factor, you have probably noticed that the singers and musicians wear in-ear monitors during the performance. These tools allow the musician to hear his/her voice or specific instrument along with the entire band while also providing noise reduction from ambient surroundings and loud, screaming fans. (They love us but also need to hear what we’re there to hear them do, natch.)

Back in the old days (we’re talking waaaay back, like the 1980s and decades prior) bands such as Bauhaus, B-52s, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi and The Cult relied on loudspeakers placed on the stage to monitor the audio mix. Getting to a show at the Hollywood Palladium early to stand in the front row often meant securing “prime” space stuck behind one of these monster speakers and having only limited visibility of Simon LeBon, Peter Murphy or Ian Astbury.

The early 1990s was a pivotal period in the music industry. While grunge and hip hop were becoming mainstream, Colorado-based Westone Audio helped to pioneer an in-ear monitoring solution for the bands Def Leppard and Rush and forever changed the on-stage sound experience for musicians of all genres.

Today many of the artists from the eighties are still touring but now have the convenience of wearing professional Westone in ear monitors. Watch this video of Duran Duran performing Ordinary World in London and look for the close up of Simon LeBon wearing Westone monitors at :57, 1:12, 3:12 and Nick Rhodes wearing his in ear monitors at 2:34:

For additional information on the history of in-ear monitors, also referred to as IEMs, check out this Wikipedia article.

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Westone Presents Juan De Hoyos: Tricks for Your Licks – Beginner’s Series Guitar Lesson

Westone endorsed artist John “Juan” De Hoyos is back with a new video guitar lesson for beginners. In this video you will learn how to take a basic blues scale and use it to play a guitar lick. Juan will show you how to play in the key of A. First take a small piece of the top end of that scale, start at the high E string, 10 fret at the high E, 8 fret at the high E, go down to the B string, 10 fret, 8 fret, then come down to the G string with the middle finger.

To learn the rest of this guitar lick you’ll have to check out Juan’s video above!

Juan De Hoyos proudly wears Westone ES50 in-ear musicians’ monitors, and plays a phenomenal McPherson guitar. Both of these essential musicians’ tools are proudly made in America: Westone ES IEMs are handcrafted in Colorado; McPherson guitars are hand built in Wisconsin.

Follow Juan on Facebook and be sure to inquire about his personal guitar lessons via Skype.


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Westone W50 and W60 Now Available at Earphone Solutions


Colorado Springs, CO – May 27, 2014 – Westone, the leader in high performance in-ear audio solutions for audiophiles and on-stage musicians, announced today that the highly acclaimed W50 and W60 in-ear headphones are now available at authorized dealer EarphoneSolutions.com. The revered Westone “W” product line was created for music lovers who desire to hear what the artist and producer recorded in the studio. The “W” Series is tuned specifically for listening to mastered, recorded music. Each earpiece features the Westone True-fit™ ergonomic design that incorporates over 55 years of experience from crafting millions of products for the human ear.

W50 features five balanced armature drivers in each in-ear monitor, providing an unrivaled sound signature with a large, powerful low frequency driver and dual mid and high frequency drivers. The W50 is smooth and balanced across all frequencies with incredible detail, separation and clarity.

The premier W60 is a six-driver system with a three-way crossover, yielding the finest audio available today from any earphone. W60 features dual drivers for the high frequencies, the mid-range and bass, producing a powerful yet balanced sound that offers great detail and clarity. The W60 earned the coveted Digital Trends “Best of CES 2014” in the headphones category.

“Westone’s Signature Series W50 and W60 products have been designed to deliver the ultimate sound signature to audiophiles and music aficionados. The standards are extremely high for this type of in-ear headphone, and Westone has taken a few extra weeks making final adjustments to the products prior to releasing for delivery,” said Flavio Teixeira, founder and CEO at FMA Solutions, Inc. /Earphone Solutions. “This extra time and prodigious attention to detail is why Westone has the reputation as the premium in-ear headphone designer and manufacturer. The W50 and W60 items started shipping to Earphone Solutions’ customers earlier this month and have been receiving stellar reviews.”

About Westone
Founded in 1959 and celebrating 55 years of audio excellence in 2014, Westone is the world’s premier manufacturer of high performance in-ear musician’s monitors, in-ear headphones and innovative speaker technology. After five decades of in-ear and acoustic innovation, Westone has developed a sizable portfolio of exclusive technologies which incorporate only the most premium materials and optimal processes into all its products. Westone continues to pioneer new innovation into the world of audio and hearing. Their in-ear headphone product lines are actively endorsed by musicians and have won acclaim in countless reviews among audiophiles and artists worldwide. Westone is also committed to the prevention and cure of hearing loss and will donate a portion of audio products sold through 2014 to the Hearing Health Foundation (www.hhf.org). Find out why Westone is Pure Music. For more information, please visit http://www.westoneaudio.com or call 800-525-5071.

About FMA Solutions Inc./Earphone Solutions
The family of Flavio Teixeira has been in the music business since 1922, when great-grandfather Joaquim Pires founded the LUX Pianos factory. Flavio started FMA Solutions in 1995, following his brother’s lead into the music business as a drummer and retailer of studio equipment. In 1999 the online music store was established and FMA Solutions, together with Yahoo, helped to pioneer the shopping cart as we know it today. The advent of the Apple iPod propelled Flavio to cater to this broad and ever-increasing market of music lovers, and soon Earphone Solutions was launched. Today Earphone Solutions, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is recognized as one of the leading in-earphone retail experts. For more information, please visit www.earphonesolutions.com or call 1-888-473-9661.

Press Contact for Westone:

Diane Ferraro
Westone Laboratories, Inc.
T: 1-719-540-9333
E: dianef@westone.com

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Westone ES50 In-Ear Monitors Win 2014 Editor’s Choice Award

Custom Westone ES50 Picture - Ice Blue with Pacifica Abalone Shell Faceplate - Jeff Roy - StereowisePlus - Editors Choice

The Westone ES50 IEMs earned the Stereowise Plus “Editor’s Choice Award” in the In Ear Monitor and Earphone Category! Here are excerpts from Jeff Roy’s review:

“Quality of materials used was excellent, from the IEM’s to the cables. And I really liked being able to see into the monitors to see all the internal components. MSRP starts at $999 without any customizations, but there are multiple customizations you can select from, from color, to end cap and laser etchings. I went with Ice Blue color and Pacifica abalone shell faceplate, for a total of $1299.  I absolutely LOVE the look.  Not only do they fit perfect for me, they look amazing as well!”

“You could definitely hear what the extra money gets you.  The Westone ES50 was more neutral in the overall tone of the sound, and was also very smooth, with a level of definition and presence that has to be heard to believed!  And there is just something too cool about having custom headphones.  I think Ferris Bueller said it best with “if you have the means, I highly recommend it!”

We’re glad you love the Westone ES50 IEMs, Jeff! Click here to read the entire StereowisePlus in ear monitor Headphone Shootout – Part 2: The IEMs.

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