Westone In-Ear Monitors Win StereowisePlus Editor’s Choice Awards


Here we are in the early days of 2014 but felt it was worthwhile sharing that Westone in-ear monitors were awarded not one but TWO “2013 Editor’s Choice Awards” from audiophile site StereowisePlus.


Here’s an excerpt of editor Jeff Roy’s review:

“The big surprise was going from other IEMs to the more ultra premium and multiple drivers of the Westone UMX3 and Westone 4Rs. The difference was like looking through a perfectly clean window and a filthy one. Yes, it was that big of a difference! I had to force myself to stay focused, because I was enjoying the music so much and getting caught up in it. These were songs I listened to for a LONG time, yet I was provided subtle nuances in the music that I had not heard before. I guess that is probably the best compliment that I could give…getting lost in the music.”

To read more of more Jeff’s comments on Westone UMX3 and Westone 4R in-ear monitors, click 2013 Editor’s Choice Awards.



About Westone Audio

Founded in 1959, Westone Audio is the world's premier manufacturer of high performance in-ear musician’s monitors, earphones for music lovers and innovative speaker technology. After five decades of in-ear and acoustic innovation, Westone has developed a sizable portfolio of exclusive technologies, which incorporate only the most premium materials and optimal processes into all its products. Westone continues to pioneer new innovation into the world of audio and hearing. Our in-ear earphone product lines are actively endorsed by musicians (TobyMac, Third Day, Peter Frampton, Jars of Clay, The Band Perry and Josh Groban to name just a few) and have won acclaim in countless reviews among audiophiles and artist worldwide. Westone is also committed to the prevention and cure of hearing loss and will donate a portion of audio products sold through 2014 to the Hearing Health Foundation (www.hhf.org). Westone is Pure Music.
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