Westone Endorsed Artist: Drummer Johnny Rabb

Westone Audio is honored to provide the world’s leading musicians with our in-ear monitors. Today we’ll introduce you to drummer and composer Johnny Rabb.

Johnny tours with several groups, including Collective Soul, U.S.S.A., DrumJockeys, Ten Finger Orchestra and his innovative group BioDiesel. He’s performed with SheDaisy, Hank Williams III, Alain Caron, Tanya Tucker and Deana Carter. When not on the road he is in the studio drumming and composing.

Johnny has worked with Roland US and Japan Drum and Percussion Division, programming drum kits for the Roland TD-12 drum set and the TDW-20 Expansion Board. This prolific drummer also started his own namesake drumstick company and developed Drumbals and Safari cymbals, part of the Generation X line for the MEINL cymbal company.

Johnny Rabb shared the following about his Westone in-ear monitors: ‘My Westone ES5 ear monitors were my most crucial piece of gear on the Collective Soul Tour. The last 3 months I used them every show to get a perfect mix of my loops and the rest of the band. Whether I am monitoring for a clinic or performance with BioDiesel or Collective Soul, the ES5’s work perfectly every time. I perform as a full time musician in multiple settings. I really appreciate Westone for taking the time to help me with my career. I love the color options and how quickly my custom monitors were made. My Westone’s are my most important connection between me and my music.’

Johnny held the title of “WFD World’s Faster Drummer Extreme Sport Drumming” by playing 1,071 single strokes in 60 seconds. Yikes!

In addition to his Westone ear monitors,  Johnny performs with Roland V-Drums, REMO drumheads, Johnny Rabb Drumsticks, MEINL cymbals, Pro-Logix practice pads and AUDIX microphones.


About Westone Audio

Founded in 1959, Westone Audio is the world's premier manufacturer of high performance in-ear musician’s monitors, earphones for music lovers and innovative speaker technology. After five decades of in-ear and acoustic innovation, Westone has developed a sizable portfolio of exclusive technologies, which incorporate only the most premium materials and optimal processes into all its products. Westone continues to pioneer new innovation into the world of audio and hearing. Our in-ear earphone product lines are actively endorsed by musicians (TobyMac, Third Day, Peter Frampton, Jars of Clay, The Band Perry and Josh Groban to name just a few) and have won acclaim in countless reviews among audiophiles and artist worldwide. Westone is also committed to the prevention and cure of hearing loss and will donate a portion of audio products sold through 2014 to the Hearing Health Foundation (www.hhf.org). Westone is Pure Music.
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